My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fresh Fall Leaves

So, at school Luke has been absorbing everything his sweet teachers have been teaching him about fall.  They have studied the colors of leaves, counted them, made leaf prints with paint, and read so many books.  They read one book called Fresh Fall Leaves, and boy is he obsessed!  I love fall myself, so naturally this makes me very happy.  We have talked a lot about God making everything too and he is noticing more and more each day about this too.

So he took a really really long nap today( i wanted to so badly but got to do tutoring for my neighbor, spray paint a whole lot of frames for another craft project, and made necklaces!), AND had some sugar, so I decided that we go on a walk to look for fresh fall leaves.  ("mrs. becca would like this mommy")

here is our little adventure.....

His school sign.......=)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life applications

Philippians 4:19. And my god shall supply all of your needs...

Acts 9 and they were living in peace...strengthening and encouraging each other... And living in fear of the lord....

Psalm100 o be joyful in the lord all ye lands. Serve the lord with gladness. Come before him with song!

These are some verses that I have been pondering the last couple of weeks. God is supplying all of our basic needs each day and then so much more too with surprises in there along the way too. The acts verse is from my b s f study which has been so rich for me to study the history of Saul and how he became Paul and all of the things god did in his life to prove that he was indeed the holy god who will take great care of his sheep! I feel like this verse is where my family is in our present situation of jobs. Tim and I are so peaceful with our moves with being at station 19 and for me to be at at peters. What a difference it has made to be able to be with kids who love the lord! The last verse is what my class says every morning and I love the reminder to just simply be joyful!

Some pondering.... More pictures and adventures to come

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tims truck

Well.  we made history this weekend.  Tim put his truck on craigslist friday afternoon, got 5 calls on it, and sold it.  Then he bought this one.  =)  It is awesome.  the best part?  It is SHINY and RED!

I LOVE that he has a "NEW" truck.

Luke is so happy his daddy is getting a red truck!  I am happy cause it is clean!!!!!!=)