My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well, my "projects" aren't all art projects or DIY ones....but I feel good about the time spent on the house recently.  I want to DECLUTTER and completely ORGANIZE my house......if it were up to me.....and I had lots of money....I would IKEA our house.  Yes, I just used that as a verb.  But, since there is no move for us any time soon, I wanted to make myself clean out stuff.  And I just love that feeling.  =)  So, here is a little bit of a house tour and project pictures thrown in there too.  Cause Why not?

 These were for a friend's baby room.  Haven't painted in a while and they were fun to do!
 I always make Tim something for Christmas.  I wrote on rocks and told him ways that I love him.  Gotta love nature presents.  
 This is Luke's bunk bed.  =) Duvets are from IKEA.
 This is what Luke and I have played with this week and last!  YAY for building a fire station!

 Our room.
 Luke's playroom.  Totally organized=happy me.
 living room.

 Spray painted the frames red. backed them with scrap fabric that Susan gave me. =)
 Susan Kelly Art.  LOVE.
 Abby Art.
 My hobby lobby purchase with a gift card for my birthday.
 New living room pillows.  A taste of susan as she is in nashville now!
 My spazzy happy corner of christmas cards.
My free new banner from Sophies.  Makes me happy in my kitchen.  =)
I love my family.

Friday, December 23, 2011

month in review......yr in review.....

 Potty training Luke....=)

 Playing with Aunt Erin
 Learning how to make Apple Pies
 Just being a crazy family
 Making "baby waywa smile"
 First firestation thanksgiving
 Cousin love

 All home on Thanksgiving, Married, and some with kids.  =)
 Happy Parents
 Mastering the balance bike, wanting a "bike with pedals"
 Sweet cousin love
 Fun times with the Atlanta Harrells!

 Local Chattanooga shopping

 LOVING music.....lots of bluegrass bands...
 My favorite thing.  Found a book at Sophies, bought the book, tore out the book.  Mottos to live by daily.

 picking out the family tree

 1st grade Christmas fun.  =)
 Oh, visiting Santa!
 Sweet friend Mary Susan
 Sweet first graders
 My boys in the Best CHristmas Pageant Ever at the CTC
 Tim, who was also in the performance 8 times!
 Visiting good friends in Nashville......

 My little class after listening to Tim talk about being a firefighter.  =)  (part of our reading curriculum for the week!  How cool is that?)
 My little Elf at the Christmas program....he sang!
 1st grade art

 My christmas presents to my class.....headbands for the girls, bowties and journals for the boys.....I don't even pretend to take credit for the idea.  Thanks Jess.  =)

 I told my girls to "pose"  They certainly did!

 Oh, the love of Gymnastics!  So glad to be back in the routine of this!

 After riding bikes on the riverpark, settling at Rembrandts for a snack
 This about sums up my Christmas card addiction....I love getting them in the mail!
 And this week at GPS camp.....

Almost to Christmas!

I am so thankful for so many things.....lots of new expereinces, lots of happies, lots of good friends, lots of new things to learn.....  Excited to ring in the new year, but excited to also close this year out well too and not wish it away.  This time is such a sweet time.  It is a joy to watch my family grow and struggle and to experience joy.    My goal is to CRAVE JOY.  EXPERIENCE JOY.  TAKE JOY. wherever I go.  =)