My Family

My Family

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

birthday shirts!

So, my little man just turned 3 and what a more perfect way to celebrate than with some birthday shirts.  I wanted him to have a few for different things that we had here is one that i got made at Normalpalooza for cheap with his name on it.  his morning school shirt....

 This one was harder but fun and durable.  felt for the l, handstitched it all after ironing it onto that fun little paper....
 l's are pretty fun, actually.
 My niece turns 1 next week, so I did her some birthday shirts also.

 This one I wrote out but Ashley helped me zigzag stitch the edges......still anti sewing on the new machine ill further notice.....lots going on in the Bryant house and I can barely keep up with the laundry,,,
 Found Luke some Toms at a children's consignment sale.  Oh yeah, it was half price day too so they ended up to be $3.  I was pleased.

 I made Layla a tea party table out of a table I found at target for cheap, and so cute.  Might have been an end table.  Then painted on it with paint pens, and Luke picked out a singing tea party set to go on top.  Its fub shopping for girls too!

Blogging is way behind.  Up and coming:  Disney trip!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random rants by the beach

Favorite part of the day: watching Luke sing like a seagull while chasing them on the beach. It is the most freeing thing to watch a three year old play and run on the beach without a care in the world. He was experiencing gods beauty today on the beach and I loved watching him. He was experiencing his earthly fathers love too by building castles and making polic cars out of sand and rocks. " my god shall supply all your needs" yes, he is doing this daily.

This month has been extremely hard with lots of obstacles. But it has been extremely good too. My son turned three on Friday. One of my best friends calls me and happily tells me that her son was named the bible whiz in his Sunday school class because he continues to memorize so many verses, when a year ago I went with him to church for the very first time. B s f continues to challenge my mind and keep it active, becoming more and more aware to put on the full armor of god, and reminding me that I have a long way to go. Tim and I get the whole week to be together with Luke on my spring break.

This is the first time in almost 8 years since he has been down to Clearwater since we got married. I get to see my sweet niece Layla and encourage my sweet sister Ivey. My parents are here overlapping a little time too and get to be with both of their grand kids. We were told that we need a new roof from hail damage. Tim's getting some money for his truck for hail damage. I'm looking for a car but still waiting for the right one to come along.

Day at a time. The words " you are faithful, you are faithful god" continue to roll in my head as I continue this day. We have so much to be thankful for.

Walking on the beach today made me have so many memories of living here.sommany verses continued to come to mind as I walked on the sand and looked out to the water.

2chronicles12:9 was a verse dad read to us one Christmas that I was home: "for the eyes range throughout the earth to look for hearts that are truly his." am I? Am I walking in such a way that proclaims Christ to my own child? He certainly is. When he is disobedient, after he is in time out, he comes to me and tells me that he is sorry, that he loves me, and that god is probably not happy that he made a bad choice. He gets it. He is just three.

This is a random collection of thoughts releasing as I process life and take a minute to slow down. Slowing down continues to be one of my main goals. I'm getting a lot better at it. School is good for that too. Spring break is really good for that.

Lots of pictures to post soon. Happy to be with my little family. Happy Tim has two really good jobs at Chattanooga fire and at signal fire but also really happy for him to have a break and be with us. There is something about a little sunshine that makes everything in life a little bit better.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Young love.....

This is Luke's friend Molly.  They will be in class at St. Peter's with each other for the next 7 years......they held hands for an entire hour at the soon birthday party we went to the other day.  SO cute.

 Luke discovering worms.  We had a worm race on Saturday.  SO FUN.  We also planted blueberry bushes and blackberry bushes.

 This is Mary Susan, Luke's other sweet girl friend that he LOVES.  She came over and we had a buzz light year camp out for a little bit.

Holding baby chicks.  He lOVES animals.  I can't believe that he will be 3 tomorrow!  AHHH!!!   More to come!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bryant randomness

So, I can't upload pics yet on my new iPad, so they will follow soon. I thought I would list random things about us going on......cause, you know, I havent made a list in like a zillion years and need to every once in a while. :)
1. We sold the Subaru a week ago. It is the weirdest thing not seeing that car anymore. It is also funny trying to find my temporary-until we find another car that we are "renting" from my Darin the parking lot. A silver Camry with no stickers on the back and no firefighter tags. I went to the wrong car yesterday when at target. :).
2. On the temporary thing, we are looking for another car that we can grow in, but we are also trying to fix a few things in our house so we can refinance.

3. Luke got a really really cute haircut today that makes him look 4. He didn't want me to touch his head tonight. He kept on saying " mommy, don't touch my new haircut". He even made me dry his hair with a blow dryer just like the lady did. I thought this was hilarious.

4. Luke is into all things cars still. He is my little gps system too. He knows where we are and knows his left from right. This blows my mind.

5. Other things he likes to play with:buzz light year,Diego jeeps, lightning McQueen, and anything that has to do with my iPad.

6. St peters is the best school. I am so happy there and I love the kids so much. I am still skipping to school in the mornings. I love the hours and love that I am home every single day at 330 with Luke. I love the things we get to study and that we have chapel every week. Such a sweet and nurturing place to be.

7. Tim and I have finally bit the bullet and play words with friends with each other. It has been so much fun, although I really get slaughtered each game by him. He does look up words, which I refuse to do!

8. We got a sports barn membership this week for c h e a p! Thankfully the guy in charge is also a captainand fellow firefighter..... Can't beat 27 bucks a month. Lukeand I have already been swimming a bunch this week! Mommy swim school has begun and he has done great being comfortable in the water.

9. Art stuff has slowed way down, with a few. Small purchases here and there but that is all. I have donated to so many things this spring I am tring to get my inventory back up. I am also working on birthday shirts for luke and my niece Layla.

10. I love having cabinets in my kitchen. Period.

11. Tim got hired on signal mountain fire dept. this month too. He is no longer doing carpentry at all except on our house( which is more than he bargained for anyway). He can pick and choose when he, we are not going to see him a whole lot in march and April, but....

12. For the first time, he gets to come with us for a whole week to Florida! We are going to Ivey and rands, and then ending the week at Disney for Luke's third birthday!

13. Did I mention little peanut is going to be three next Friday? Where did that time go?

14. Church is phenomenal. I truly look forward to it each week andloveall that is going on there.

15. I am still going to bible study fellowship every Tuesday. It is kicking my rear but I am learning so much about the book of acts. It is nearly impossible with Tim's schedule for me to do anything at night, but up until this month I have done really well getting here.

16. Tornados scare the living daylights out of me still. We have lots of tornados now. I am so thankful for basements.

17. Luke says words like " actually", usually, perhaps".

18. I am learning how to be a good wife.....I am not there yet. Learning how to controlmy tongue, be kind, and patient....while doing everything in love. Get back to neon this one....

19. I have technology coming out of my ears. I haven't transitioned to an iphone sittingby my bedside table is my cell phone, iPad, and iPod touch. At school I also have animal, smart board, etc. etc. I love learning how to use it!

20. Luke is really grasping scripture these days, and feelings. While extremely defiant and strong willed, he is also very tender. We were in the basement tonight organizing some books, and he started bringing me more and more books instead of playing cars. He started skipping toward me with books saying " god is so happy that I am helping and obeying, isn't he?" earlier today when I was cooking dinner, we were singing god is so good and the doxology. It is precious to hear him sing.

Iam sure I will think of more things......but now I must go to sleep before I get pounced on by a little boy who wants to cuddle at 3 am every night. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

iPad fun :)

So, I got an iPad a week ago from school. I love it. Here are some fun and scary pictures:)