My Family

My Family

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flashback Thursday.....Remember when....

I was looking through pics on our computer and came across these.  Such good memories......
This was at my cousin's wedding.  Baby Luke is in the belly....about 7 months along...

In Canada.  This face kind of describes our time together there.  We decided that 24 hrs next to each other is not cut out for Tim and Abby Bryant.  Now, we spend that time apart each week.  It works for us.  =)
 Our beloved canadian friend Matt.  In Montana somewhere at a Hemp festival.
 Bathing......literally.  Camping in the woods for a week or two....

Luke's 1st birthday
 Not sure what happened here......the night before Tim worked at the fire station...
 Tim's first day on the job on Main Street at Station 1 after the grueling many months of the fire academy.

 Family love.
 Practicing walking in Clearwater, FL at Ivey and Rand's.
 First hair cut.
 A butterball who LOVES to swim.
 Like his momma, he LOVES the beach.

 The paci.

Life goes by too quickly.  Tonight we took a long bike ride with Luke- he can now ride down to the fire station and back on his own bike with pedals and i have to RUN to keep up with him.  He was teaching the firemen how to draw L's on the street with water.  He constantly amazes me with his vocabulary and his strong personality, yet tender spirit.  It is fun being his mommy.  =)  I like it when we are all home....and when it is 70 degrees......and when I get to go to Publix all in one day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

visiting day

Well, the day has finally come where Luke got to go to school with me at St. Peter's.  He has made up songs about going there, and talks about going to big boy school there one day.  The potty training thing is still so much better because he knows that he HAS to poop on the potty in order to go to prek.  He woke up this morning really happy and even wanted to pick out his own shirt.  He also told me that he wasn't going to learn how to write his letters that were U, K, or E but that he just wanted to work on learning how to write his L's better.  I about fell out of my chair.
 He insisted that he was going to wear his backpack instead of letting me carry it.  =)
 And then wouldn't let me take his picture.  I am after all his mommy......who tries to take pics when I can!

 My almost three year old is growing up quite fast.  On the way to school, he quoted 1 John 4:16 which says "God is LOVE!" and then sang the song that goes with it from Steve Green's cd.  So cute.  I was so happy to drive him to be able to hear that little voice singing.

 He got to school and had a little time before we had to go down to Mrs. Bo's class.  So, a few of my students taught him how to play the computer.  He loved it.  When he walked down with me to the room, he was so excited and ran right in.  No, Bye mommy! or anything.  Just went right up to the trucks and started playing!  He was with the kids who are already there this year.  We have 5 staff kids that will be in this class, so they are screening them earlier than the actual visiting day.

This is him learning a little bit about Abraham Lincoln.  It was after all, Presidents Day.  =)
 Luke found this little bear when we took a visit to the library.  He brought him back with us to keep us company and to color with.
 He liked my smelly markers, but ruined them.  Oh well.

 He glued and cut with scissors too.

 My little class just swarmed him with love today.  They were so excited that he was in the building!  Luke told them that it was too much and to give him some "space" at times......I thought that was funny, but they kind of were in his face!
 He loved playing on the playground with the big kids and eating lunch after I picked him up from his class at 11:30. He had lunch duty with me, and got to charm the kids at lunch with his smile. He stayed with my class until carpool.  That was BRAVE of me to SKIP nap and let my two year old play in my room.  But he was fine.  VERY HAPPY too.
 You know he really was excited to be a big boy when he told me that he was going to go poop on St. Peter's potty cause he was a big boy.  LOVE HIM.  We celebrated at Chick-fil-a eating an ice dream and playing on that playground too.  The boy was EXHAUSTED from this long day of learning that he conked out on my walk with him.  Skipping nap is hard work.  Good thing I brought lots of snacks.
=)  He warms my heart.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pallet art

So, this year I am teaching 1st graders, but I also get to teach 4th grade art.  It has been stretching to say the least.  I am studying all about Islamic art, African art, etc. etc.  One of the things that each class is create some piece of art to sell at the auction.  So, In January, the whole month of art class was dedicated to this project.  I had NO IDEA what to do with the 4th graders.....but, thanks to PINTEREST, SUSAN, and BLAES, I brainstormed and figured that we would do some kind of pallet art that people could hang in playrooms, rooms, or hallways.  Blaes has better pics of the finished product, but I am super excited about these.  We had the auction last night and my 3 pallets went for $1550 combined!!!!!!!1  YAY for a fun project with great kids!

 This one below was my example.  I am giving it as a gift to a sweet dear family who lost their son last Christmas.....
This one is before it was finished.  They outlined it in all black and it really turned out amazing.  They also fixed the "right" to "rights" and after don't give up- they added the fight to it.  

I am really proud of them and it was fun to watch the parents fight over them last night at the auction!!!!

More to come!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some bling....

Aren't these little buttons cute?  I was in Nashville this weekend visiting Susan and we decided to make fun blingy rings.  I wanted to make some little rings for  my girls in my class, so we decided to make LOTS instead, and ended up laughing LOTS too.

Get a bag of buttons....

  and some blingy, shiny gems......
 A hot glue gun.....
 spread it out on the table.......
 sandwich them together with different colors.....
 I love these colors!
 Tie knots in stretchy string to fit your finger......
 Technically, you need to put felt on the backside....I thought that I bought some, but when I came out of the store, we did not have any in the, we skipped this part.
 Wahhllaaa!  Cute bling on your fingers for a fun Valentine's day.  ALWAYS will bring a smile!

(I had fun passing some of these out today at school!)