My Family

My Family

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life, laundry, and What's in a name?

It's been a long while since I have blogged.  I mean to. My body can't catch up with all that has gone on in the last few months.   We have renovated the attic completely, from studs to a full playroom/ bonus room/ walk in storage attic, had a 4 th b day part, two baby showers, worked full time at st. Peters, the fire station, docushred, campaigned for city council guys and gone door to door for them, made hair tie orders, placemat orders for Abby art, taken violin lessons, done loads and loads of laundry, played, etc, etc. you get the picture. For a lot of that time, I have forgotten that I was pregnant. ( I know what you are thinking....seriously? With that belly?).

I am 35 weeks this week. We are on spring break. It has snowed. (?) my body has begged for rest and  finally has gotten some. Life is still moving ahead. We still are fixing the house. We still are planning to sell the house. We still plan at this point to move to Hixson. Oh yeah, and we are going to have another baby soon too!!

Many people have asked about the baby's name. Naming kids is something I have looked forward to for a really really long time.  Tim and I are pretty decisive people. We usually know what we want and can decide together pretty quickly what is going to happen. We talked about names twice. One when I found out we were having another baby, and the other on dec. 7 when we found out that we were going to have a boy.

We wanted something meaningful.....strong....and also a bit unique too.

Judges 6:12 " TheLORDis with you, mighty WARRIOR."

Oh how we need to be strong and warrior like in the midst of this hurting country!

Kael is Gaelic. It means mighty warrior.

Matthew means "gift of God". I had been really discouraged about not being able to get pregnant quickly( you know, since we can plan our lives and all....) and after a year, wondering if it could be related to some scar tissue or something like that after having a c section with Luke. We had been to the dr several times and had scheduled some appointments to start figuring out if my body was ok or not. The day before I went, I took a test, just because. Positive. What? Took four more. All positive.  God is completely in control. Completely. I am not. This is so humbling to me.

Matthew is also Tim's best friend from life whom we dearly love, who represents god, adventure, and why wouldn't we name our kid after him?

So, Matthew Kael Bryant is his name. We are going to call him Kael. Luke will call him Oscar. (? Another determined and decisive person in my little family. Hey, at least he is consistent.)

And that's life at the Bryant house these days. Pics of the attic renovation coming soon.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss Day at St Peter's

My Little Lorax and I was Thing 21/2

 Luke's little Pre k friends
My favorites at school- Angie and Blaes

More to come!  Fun times.  I love my job.