My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January happenings 2013

Luke's class.....

 Learning how to color in between the lines........
 Got a pass to the aquarium.  LOVE it.  Luke loves science.
 My favorite Friday night date.  He asks to hold my hand and I LOVE this.
 His buddy Lucas
 Playing outside at the fire station
 Seriously, this kid loves his glasses.  He is such a ham!
 First violin lessons. 3 years old. hilarious.

 On his own practicing his piano.  Plays Mary had a little lamb like a champ.
 We love when Daniel visits his girlfriend in Chattanooga. =)

 My little charmer.  He is very particular with his clothing these days.  Thankful he loves his chacos.
 Sweet friend Margaret
 mommy love before school

Luke and Lucas

 his Bebe took him to the toy store while mommy was sick with the flu for 8 days.  He was so happy to get out!
 Bowtie love.
 Picking out his first valentine for a very special girl in his class.  =)
 Chapter books are exhausting.
 violin practicing.  seriously, like pulling teeth to get him to do it, but when focused, he actually knows what to do.  I am learning a lot too.

January is almost over.  Really?  I am sprinting a marathon lately!  Oh wait, I am also 27 1/2 weeks pregnant.  WHAT?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Beautiful feet

"how beautiful are the feet who bring good news." Romans 10:14-15

Thankful and reflecting tonight on many things. Thankful for the joy in my little guys heart to really know the Lord and seek him out, even when it is hard.

Thankful for his musical talents and that he loves to belt out seeds worship, which is pure scripture. One we have been really working on this week: " 1 Corinthians 14:16 " be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be men of courage, be everything in love."

Thankful for a new kids bible study to go all together and learn about God- singing, listening, learning to take notes, and being together.......more on this later but what an incredible thing this has been already. Can't wait to see what the year holds by being involved with this!

Thankful that the flu has made me silent for a week, put me literally in such a weak spot that I have been in a position where I had to ask for help.....had to let someone else serve me and take care of my child, take care of me with child. So thankful for my parents- who I never ask to do favors for me, came in and moved me to their house this week so that Luke could carry on in his three ness and school without me having to get out of bed. So so thankful. I have a very hard time asking for help. Have a very hard time realizing that I can't do it all.....I truly believe that I must be superwoman sometimes to do all that I want to do or think I can do. Tim never travels this long and this far. I haven't been sick like this since my first year of teaching ten years ago. Thankful for a very healthy body all of these years. I am coming into 27 weeks of pregnancy,  day 6 of the flu and bronchitis, and day 7 of Tim being gone, went one day to school but shouldn't have been there,missed three days, and then we had an ice day today. All I keep hearing is: rest. Be Be still.

Wrestling with so much these last few months with Luke and figuring him out and what makes him tick and what sets him off. I care so much. I have done my homework. I have sought counsel professionally, homeopathic ally,and spiritually. And it has been exhausting. And yet tonight I continue to hear these words. Rest. Be still. Rest. Be still.

So for tonight, I will. Thankful for the feet that have brought me the good news in my life.