My Family

My Family

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Some thankfulness

So, I never have to time to actually full on- blog.  I have two kids.  I have a full time job.  Luke has "things" to do during the week now.  Life is simpler than it used to be.  We don't have to even change a light bulb right now.  I love renting.  I love living in a tiny apt.  Thankful for so many things at the moment.  Leaves.  Healthy smiling kids. good jobs.  family time.  great school for all of us. walks around our little neighborhood.
 I'm thankful for my own bathroom=)

I am thankful for Luke.  His sharp mind.  His wonder.  His desire to read and know words on everything.  His artistic side that is coming out.  (yeah!)  His interest in Tae Kwon Do and his desire to do well at it because it has nothing to do with sports.  The knowledge of Dr.'s and mommy's gut to know to put him on High blood pressure medicine to level the playing field for his chemicals in his body, and to also learn about his low blood sugar and how to handle that too.  I love his tenderness.  I love his complete JOY for his little brother and the way that he looks at him.  SO SO tender.  Makes this mommy so happy.

I am thankful for Kael.  Little Kael has so much JOY.  He is HUGE and roly poly and I love to cuddle him.  He is in a constant state of happiness.  Even when he is hungry, he has a smile/smirk on his face.  I love watching him adore his big brother already.  He touches him with such tenderness.  He is a very chill and pleasant baby.  He doesn't cry a whole lot.  He generally makes cooing noises and wants to be wherever the party is=)

I am thankful for Tim.  Tim has worked so hard, brought us out of debt, renovated a house, worked a million jobs, all while loving me and the boys and never complaining.  I respect him more than he knows.  I love his brillance.  I love the way that he is logical- I am not at all.  I love the way that life can stress him out, but it usually doesnt and he chooses happiness instead.  I love how now he doesn't have to work on a house- and he has more "floor" time with us to play with our kids.

I am so thankful for many things.  I have the best family in the world.  We are not perfect.  But through God's grace he loves us and he is molding us to be HIS and fully HIS.