My Family

My Family

Friday, June 22, 2012

Luke is growing like a weed right now.  Every two weeks I have to clean out his closet because he literally has belly shirts or his shorts are too tight.  He is STARVING all of the time too.  I can't pack enough- he eats us out of the house right now!  I feel like I have said this since the very beginning though.  He is a great eater.......but an EATER with a capitol E.  Remember when he was only 1?  

Such fun times.  We continue to have fun as we are well into summer mode.  Sleep in, watch cartoons, go to swim lessons/pool, rest/read, go back to the pool, etc, etc, etc.  It is awesome.

In just 3 weeks, Luke has gone from just squealing when he had to put his face in, to full blown swimming back and forth to Tim and I, diving for sticks under the water, and wanting to jump in.  I am blown away at his progress!  Yay for our sweet teachers too!

This is his Yoga/cratwheel off his bike.  Such a little stunt guy.

 my happy little bug.   It has been a different summer with just us being at home.  It is NICE.  No camps. No work.  Nothing.  I am extremely thankful for this.
 Picnic at the pool.  or, IN the pool.
 I have been making TONS of new hairties.  =)  I love making them.  New colors, even PINK tye dye!
 My fire chief.
 Blackberry picking in our backyard!
 exploring with friends!

 Blackberry picking at Crabtree Farms this morning with mommy and daddy!
I love that we are not busy.  It is a huge adjustment of course, but it is awesome.  It's just fun hanging with my boy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh, summer how I love you.

So, its been summer for 2 plus weeks now, and man, I just love the summer!   Here are some highlights from the last few weeks since school ended....

gymnastics!  Lots and lots of gymnastics.

 organization.  makes me SO happy.

 blackberry picking each morning.  We have 25 bushes back behind our house!  yay!
 Meeting baby Emerson!

 Just being happy.
 Playing with friends at the pool.  Oh, the pool.  We have already spent SO many hours at the pool.

 swim lessons.

 graduations!  (these once were my 5th graders!)

 making forts at Grandma and Grandpa's house

 eating ice cream!

 gardening.  Luke and I have attempted to garden and it has been really fun!
 being big.  (seriously, WHERE has the time gone?  He is HUGE)
 Riverbend to see Chris Tomlin with Susan and my parents.  Oh wait, did I mention that we were on the STAGE for the concert?  It was AWESOME.
 Sweet mom
 One of my favorite people who I MISS dearly!  So glad that you were able to come Susan!!!!!

 seriously, 10 feet away.
 tricks on the bike.
 smirking at mom.  Going to "camp".  I love that he pretends everyday.

 Chacos are the best shoes ever.

 celebrating father's day!

Much more to come!  So happy to be with my little family this summer and to try new things, and also just "be" doing simple things everyday like going to the pool.  Makes me SO happy.  

Oh, and reading books.  More on that later.