My Family

My Family

Friday, April 27, 2012

April Happies in the last 2 days....

Counting with my sweet class.....

Cookie Monster on Signal Mountain Fire Station.....

 Fire dogs.
 Seek and Finds.  I had a whole book of them (thanks SHIRLEY BRYANT) and laminated them.  It has provided countless hours this week during testing of complete fun.

First grade: What the world needs more of and how we can help.......
 Learning how to make scones with Ali Wallin

 Making paper flowers!!!!!

Refinancing our house.

And last but not least:

Our new car!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Luke isms.... I was reading Luke the bible tonight when he noticed the picture of Jesus. He looked at his feet and said, "hey, jesus wore chaos like us! How cool is that?" This weekend, he was sitting in the back while Tim was driving. All of the sudden, he starts singing( not surprising) in the tune of god our father ( also not surprising) a little song......I have boogers....I have boogers...yes I do. Yes, I do......". ;) oh, boys. He currently is singing to his b's while in his bed still up: ( in the tune of abc s) I went potty all by myself, I went potty with out mummy's help...." thought that was cute. This kid is a singer and has a love for music. I pray that continues. I have also realized that we will be thinking up some more songs to teach the kid. God our father is great, and so are the a b c s but might need a little variety. The kid has a good heart, despite having a hard weekend of lots of being defiant and trying out the will power. ( seriously? Two first borns, they marry, and have another first born. Hmmm, there are three first borns, strong willed, and stubborn. Someone should do a case study on us. ). Luke was in his class at church and they said when they asked what to pray for, he raised his hand and told them that we needed to pray for his mommy to have a baby her belly. So sweet. ( not yet. He asks daily now) Strong willed yes. Defiant...yes. Tender? Very. The kids tells me a hundred times a day that he loves me. Everyone should experience that.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Turning 3= FLORIDA+DISNEY! (its a long one!)

And just like that....Ansel Luke Bryant was born 3 years ago on March 16.  

 Reading birthday books.
 At pump it up with Mary Susan and Merriweather!

 And uncle Daniel was there too.

 More celebrating at home.  Toy Story stuff, cars, scooter, and a mini trampoline!
 I love the expressions my kid makes.
 trying out the new scooter.
 My Toy Story cake.  =)

 family love.

 New St. Peter's sweatshirt.  yay.
 Thought this was hilarious.  Naked fire truck riding.  Maybe a calendar kid after all?

 baby toms for 3 bucks.  YAY!
 Clearwater, FL trip:  Baby Layla!

  Uncle Tim love
 Silly boys
 This kid LOVES sand.  He LOVES the water.  He is SUNWARMED, SALT SPRAYED.  Just like the rest of us!

 Luke's "car" make out of ocean rocks.
 Playing Pinball.  Ivey and Rand always find the coolest gifts!

 My sweet sis and fam!
 Sacked out!  Lots of playing=really good naps.
 Such a happy face!
 Girl love.
 Riding bikes to the pool.
 Heather is pregnant!  (my very good friend since high school!)
 Swimming time!
 More happies!

 Date night with the hubs and Ivey and Rand.  Our favorite pick:  FRENCHYS!

 A little sea gull chasing.

 Entertaining Layla.

 Growing up.  =)

 Sister love.  and a new haircut.
 We made it to Orlando!  Sacked out at Great Grandma's, ready to embrace Disney the next day!

And.....we are at DISNEYWORLD!!!!  (or, as Luke says...Di-nee World!)
 Riding the Ferry Boat over!
 Walking into the park.  CRAIGSLIST TICKETS=more time in ALL of the parks!  YAY!

 First stop, Buzz lightyear ride.  LOVED it.
 Rode the race cars too.  Luke couldn't decide what color he wanted!  He was so excited that he could drive!

 First rollercoaster:  The Barnstormer.  Needless to say, he was quite happy.
 starting to ride up the hill.  such a little daredevil!

 More line waiting.  Why not take some fun family pictures?

 Small world.

 We spotted Woody!
 (I have better pics.  Couldn't see the upload ones cause they were so small! So, these will do for now!)
 Meeting Donald Duck.
 Loving on Goofy!
 His Favorite!  Woody and Jessie!

 Oh, the Mickey ice cream was so good.
 He RAN to Buzz Lightyear.  This kid LOVES his characters!

 When it was time to pick out a toy, he wanted Jessie the doll.  I am not opposed to this, but wanted him to own Woody or Buzz before we got the girl doll.  So, he settled on a big PLUTO dog!  haha
 And a small Winnie the Pooh, who rode every ride with him....and a tiny buzz trinket
 The people mover and the rocket ships...
 On the people mover!  (see Ivey, we did ride this!)

 Giving Pooh some water before we got on the Winnie the Pooh ride.

 The Laugh Floor show.  SO awesome.

 The little monsters who picked out people of the crowd and they picked Luke and asked him lots of questions, like, "where are you from, kid?"  His answer:  Um.....CHAG-A-NOOG-A!

 Defeating Zurg!

 Easter Bunnies at Disney!
 Epcot for dinner and dessert before we went back for the parade and fireworks!
 Oh, the fun monorail!

 We ate in China.  All I have to say is I read that the average person walks nine miles at the magic kingdom in a day.  We did a 14 hour day that day and I guarantee that we walked more than that.  I ate EVERYTHING on my plate.  yum.
 Epcot was beautiful.  HGTV had their festival of gardens there, so they had all of the favorite characters made out of topiary bushes.  so cool.  I can barely keep a cactus alive!

 Luke loved this little playground in Epcot.

 Tired chaco feet.

Early morning time with "the other grandma" before another adventure

 Went to Hollywood Studios first on the next day.
 And this is why we went!  To meet Mater and Lightning McQueen of course!  (They are friends now, he tells me!)

 Ate at the real Toy Story Pizza Planet for lunch.
 Went to the Stunt show.  It was amazing and Lightning Mcqueen was in it too!  Things blowing up, special effects, etc.

 He didn't move!
 Going down the Honey I shrunk the Kids leaf slide!  Ivey, remember watching that?

 Inside the Toy Story ride.  Luke thought it was so cool.  Tim loved it cause it was a video game.  He got the top score.

 3-d glasses.  Didn't know what to think of these.

 He was so happy.
 But, very tired.  Trying to make him laugh.
 And......he passed out.  So, we went to the Animal Kingdom at naptime.
 Lion King tree.  Ryan Kelly, I thought of you!
 SO tired, but waking up to go on a train ride!
 Train ride to see animals!
 Wild man hair.
 Daddy entertaining in line to see Mickey!

 Luke was so happy.  He was tall enough to ride the Kali River Rapids, by a 1/2 inch, so we went.  It could go either way- He got up on the raft, got SOAKED, and laughed the whole time!  So fun!
 Downtown Disney for Saturday night to eat at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.
 With Great grandma.=)
 My big three year old!
 Inside rainforest cafe.  We had the staff sing to Luke for his birthday!

 Two thumbs up!

 Getting a "daddy jaguar" for baby Jaguar who was at home.  (Susan, Luke reminds me of RYAN so much these days!)
 The last Buzz and Woody to see at Downtown Disney.
 Car ride home playing Leapster.
 Falling asleep in mid bite.  I had to finger sweep him just in case.  Disney is such an AWESOME place to go.  CRAIGSLIST is awesome for getting cheap tickets, and Ivey and Rand and Grandma are awesome too for letting us stay for free on my spring break.  WOW.

LOVED it.  Can't wait to go back.  It is such a JOY to see delight through the eyes of your child.  It gets better each day.
 End of magic kingdom.  Hello parade, some fireworks, LOTS of weird people, and exhaustion.  AND very sore knees.  BUT, a very happy child.  =)  End of Day 1 at Disney.