My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm Baaaaaccccckkkkkkk

So, I think that life has been fabulous, hard, challenging, fun, and absolutely exhausting.  I wouldn't trade this year for anything, as this is the year that Kael came into our life and made us all A LOT more joyful.

Here is a recap of some pics and events that have happened in the last few months of NON writing on the blog...

 Luke won in his pinewood derby race for Awana
 Gymnastics buddies

 Luke was a wonder wizard in our WONDER night

 We bought a house down the street from the apartment.  =)  Pics to come later...
 Surprised the boys and went to Disney for the birthday weekend!

 our backyard makes me happy
 Luke is STRIVING in Tae Kwon DO.  He earned his brown stripe belt this past month!
 Celebrating my dad's 60th birthday!
 Ummm....peep doughnuts totally make Luke's morning a whole lot better.  Good thing we live so close to Dunkin Donuts=)
 Almost walking and into absolutely everything
 The only Easter pic that I got.  Luke got really sick that weekend.......

 We got to go to Great Wolf Lodge on Easter weekend.  It has a big waterpark inside and the boys loved it.
 The beginnings of our dining room turned into playroom

 The happiest baby i know

 The most recent pic.  April

More celebration of life pics tomorrow.  KAEL IS 1!!!!!!

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