My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to school at the Bryant House!

Well, it's another year at the Bryant house!  Quotes of You've got mail start popping up with "freshly sharpened pencils" and "scotch tape" start, and the organizing begins!  (both at home and at school)  

The summer was fantastic.  LOTS of pool time. rest time. pool time. rest time. beach at the end.  But, my child is READY TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL and I am too.

Luke started Pre-K at St. Peter's this year.  I am so excited to have him in the car in the morning singing sweet songs with me, have him in my wing in the very same building, and just see him starting real school.  He feels so big.

Here are a few pics of my classroom before the kiddos came.  Not great- I have so many more, but its a start!  After nine years of teaching, it is a wonder that I still even take pictures anymore.

 My sweet boy on his first phase in day.

I love packing lunch in August and September.  (maybe not in May)

 This is Lucas Maounis- best buddy at school.  His mommy teaches 5th grade so they have seen each other a lot already!

So, I made my first graders do this for our wall outside our doors- so naturally, I am happy to jump right in and show them how its done.  

Jessica- I ACTUALLY carved out some time and painted the chalkboard canvases myself.  Get excited.  

 My sweet friend and other first grade teacher
 Me, Angie, and Blaes

I am excited about another new school year.  I am SO HAPPY to get to teach at St. Peter's too.  It is a blessing to be there and such a rich environment of people and love.

Cheers to a new school year!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

There is such contentment in laying in the sand, letting the waves roll in and out of the tide.  =)

I was reminded of the song by Ten Shekel Shirt that says:  "There's something, about the ocean, that makes me rise up and SING!  There's something about the heaven's, that makes me stand in awe of HIM. (or something like that!)

Contentment is 'acknowledgement and satisfaction of reaching capacity'.  I don't feel like I am a content person overall- I'm too much of a pleaser and worrier- but I think the three of us reached some sort of contentment in just BEING this past week at the beach.

Sand. waves. book. sun. naps. pool. repeat.  Such is a beautiful thing to take vacations to truly ignite your soul and allow all outside stuff to be pushed aside.

The beach is a respite for my soul.  The beach is calming. Thankful.

More pictures to come when they upload.