My Family

My Family

Friday, October 26, 2012

Life lately

So, pumpkins delight my soul.

 This KID delights my soul too.

 My new favorite book.

 A little fall fun.

 He HATED the texture of the pumpkin.

 My favorite gals at my school.

 13 weeks belly pic.
 The CUTEST PJ's for Luke and Layla.  I can't WAIT for CHRISTMAS!

Wrestling with Henry at soccer

 See where the other players are.  See where my kid is.  NO COMPETITIVE nature.  So fun to watch though.
 Soccer at 3 is like herding ants.

 He actually is pretty good if he can be one on one.
 His DELIGHT is music.  The kid is really quite good too.

 My cutie in Pre-k.

 Handsome one 2nd from the left is mine.  =)

 My IKEA crib that I got off Craigslist!  LOVE.
 Playing at learning express.
 Practicing.  He loves to write now.  Melts my little teacher heart.

 Holy cow.  14 weeks.
 a little taste of Christmas.
 My cute first grade cheerleaders.  We have a pep rally today at school.  I love that they get to participate.