My Family

My Family

Friday, September 30, 2011

Canada, Tim, and birthdays


So, today is Tim's 30th birthday.  It's hard to imagine that I have known him since he was 17.  When he turned 18, I sent him a fun little journal with quotes in it and a bunch of other random findings that I threw in a box, then wrote colorful stuff all over the box and mailed it.  We have celebrated many birthdays apart while we were in college, and then many after that.  We are officially the same age for less than a month and then I turn the next age up!

 I found these pictures tonight......these are the earliest pics that I have on my computer of us, but a really fun and trying year for us too.  Tim has taken me on many adventures.  We met at camp....started our passion for the outdoors, soccer, Jesus, and kids all at the same time.  Went to college, and had adventures writing letters across the country from Portland to Chattanooga...and I mean, MANY letters for someone you are not dating.....MANY.  Actually, the highlight was always getting mail from Tim in his little chicken scratch handwriting.  We have been to 44 states now together since we have been married.  We quit our jobs after 2 years in Charlotte to pursue a graduate wilderness leadership CANADA.  With MATT.  We drove from Charlotte to Calgary, Alberta (A LONG WAY), sold most all that we had, and headed off for an adventure.  That year we celebrated birthdays in Plains montana at the smallest little pizza place while we were doing a week climbing trip and then my birthday was celebrated in Banff National Park.  Not bad!  We endured working together 24/7, which we will not ever do again.....went to class together, which we still prob. won't ever do again since we learn so differently....etc......etc..  Here are some highlights...
 Tim and best friend Matt climbing at Calgary Bouldering Club

 Crack climbing....he is so good at it...

 one of the coolest feelings in the world.  4,000 feet below!

 Multonomah Falls, Oregon
 Agape Youth and Family Ministry

 In our past life.......

I am continually thankful for this span of time in Canada.  We are still paying it off today, which is not fun, and have been kicking ourselves for a long time about taking a year off, but now I am thankful for that year.  That year, we met friends- the Vanderwalls- that were both EMT's and firefighters- that inspired us to take an EMT class in Charlotte, and then from there, Tim applying in Chattanooga to be a firefighter.  Canada allowed Tim to find himself years later and allowed him to do what he loves to do, in a place where we both fit!  Chattanooga.  God is good.

I know this is a bit of I tend to do, esp, on a friday night.....but I am truly thankful that I married that blue eyed Bryant boy from the Cove Camp.  Oh, has he taken me on many adventures.....and there are many more to come!  And now we have a son who is just like him!  Happy Birthday babe!

Monday, September 26, 2011


New stuff!  More to come!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This week was really long.  So long, in fact, that these are highlights and I will go into detail about other things later.  So to recap.....

(not in any particular order....)

Our firefighter friend Jamie gave Luke bunkbeds.  So therefore, Tim and Luke spent some time putting them together in the guest room and taking down the other bed.  (need a king?  its for sale!)
 Luke got to use a drill for the first time.....and loved it.

 In his "reading bed" on the top little monkey can't sleep up there yet....too many trips to the ER!  The room is still orange- will be grey- and eventually will be Luke's room, but for now will stay the guest room with extra space and bedding...and if Luke will ever go to sleep, I don't care which bed he sleeps in, just not mine!
 Made LOTS of hairties in every color this week.  Had a big GPS order to fill!  What a blessing!
 Yep, that is the sassy zebra print.  So cute.

 And I made lots and lots of bows too.  Here are a few....

 Luke and I made pumpkin cards out of handprints.......and sprinkled them with glitter
 Or smeared handprints.....

 What mommy?  I'm two.  Going to a friend's 7 yr old bday dinner and bonfire.  FUN!
Girls Prepatory Hairties...
 Before my grandfather's funeral.......He dressed himself in his favorites....but wanted to wear the cones too....

 Then we dressed him for the funeral.  Wasn't too happy and just wanted to ride his bike!
 oh, ties...
 Hey, we actually can dress up away from just a t shirt!
 My sweet neice and sweet the gravesite service in Blairsville, GA
 My sweet sis
 Some AbbyArt in Layla's hair!
 Taught about Maps and Globes this week....such a fun project off of Pinterest!
 squinty eyes....whew......glad it was friday!
 Made apple pie in first grade!  yum!
 rode carousel with Bebe!
 Pumpkin Ice cream at Coolidge Park from Clumpies.....
 made a fall tree with Luke.  He stuck the leaves all over....
 and decorated his little pumkin too with fire truck stickers and mater teeth....=)
Absolutely no rest.........working on that part.  Sad times for a gathering with my family, but thankful for that time too.  It was powerful and a blessing to speak at a funeral in which I have never done celebrate life and teach......Doesn't Ecclesiates 3:1 say"to everything there is a season, and a time and a purpose under the heavens...."?

More to come.  Happy First weekend of Fall!  My favorite season!  (well, besides the summer months at the pool of course....)