My Family

My Family

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Luke talks!

Luke. lately.

"knock knock.  who's there? boo.  boo who?  boo bowl of spaghetti!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA"

"hey mommy, you wait there.  I'm going downstairs to get some beer.  Be right back!"


"ephesians 6:1 children obey your the.....Lord for this IS RIGHT!"(shouting)

"you wait here.  be right back."

"Are you are G-u-rl or a B-oy?"

"can I drive?"

Talking to his animals......"Now, Lion B, you need to be good and have kind hands.  AND say you are sorry!"  "RIGHT NOW!"

WEEOOOOOHHHHHWWWEEEEEOOOOHHHHH!  (still the internal and external sound that he was made to shout!)

"Mommy, I think I need to say sorry again to you. "

"It isn't dark outside.  I don't have to go to bed.  You do."

=)  If I don't write them down, I don't remember them!  More to come.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On your mark....get set!

Just a warning.  Major crafting mode this week.

Read DIY magazine(thanks Susan) and memorized it and want to make everything in it.

Got some fun stuff at yard sales for almost nothing.

Let the fun begin!  More posts later about the projects!


Monday, July 18, 2011

handprint tutus

Thanks to Jill at Meet the Dubiens!  I used this idea that she did with her little girl and we made our own at camp with 100 girls!  They LOVED it!  We also were still using the recycling theme, so the belt is made out of a pool float, and we used recycled newsprint too.

Fun, quick, and easy idea to do!  (The first one is with the leftover handprints...hated to throw those away!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

recycled necklaces!

So this past week I have been working at GPS (Girls Prep. School) and teaching the art section.  Let me tell you how overflowing with ideas that I am!  I haven't slept well all week because I keep coming up with more things to make.  =)  Our theme  is It's easy being Green, which is of course my favorite because I love making recycled art!

So, over the next few days I will post what we have made.

The first idea came from Luke and I spending entirely too long at the pool, playing with a beach ball, and it popped.  I started shredding it while he played, and then started braiding it to make a necklace and a bracelet.  (I miss my plethora of bracelets from camp when I was oh, so much younger)

So, gather your handy pool floaties in the trash at your local pool.

Then cut them into long strips and place them in a box.
I also have leftover yarn in there from another project because I can't throw anything away.  =)

Buy safety pins.

The pictures don't quite do it justice, but I love them!  The girls had a blast, as did I!

Recycled magazine necklaces:

This is an oldie but goodie.

Take old magazines and cut them into strips.
Take the strips and put a gluestick line down the top of it.
Roll it up with a pencil.
Place in a bowl until it dries.
String together!

My cup overflows with creativity!

More to come!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Money Lessons

Luke has been really into money for a long time.  Every time last year he would find some spare change around the house, he would squeal with excitement and run and put it in his bank in his room.  He recently has wanted to start buying stuff- ice pops at the pool, wants to push the green button every time I use my check card, etc.

So, last night Luke got all of his money out on the floor and we counted it out.  (seriously, I need to take some tips from this kid!  He has saved TONS)

Previously, he had said that he wanted a wallet like daddy's.  When I saw a fire truck wallet at Learning Express last week, I knew that was a perfect fit!  So he paid me and I gave him the wallet, like we were playing store.

He was excited!

Today we went to Mckays bookstore to sell some of our books as we continue to declutter.  He happily took his wallet, picked out 2 cars books, and paid for them himself.  LOVE that he is learning this at 2.  =)

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Luke's prayers

Luke has learned how to really pray this summer.  He asks if he can now.  He will show you his "prayer hands" and tell you to close your eyes.  Then he will speak so clearly, so innocently....

"thank you God for my friends.
      thank you God for my family.
         thank you God for Bebe and Granddaddy.
           thank you God for Grandpa and Grandma.
             thank you for mommy and daddy.
              thank you God for lightning mcqueen.  =)

His little voice makes me melt.  So little yet such strong faith already.  I am learning so much from him daily.

One day I will post his little songs that he sings.  He sure didn't get any musical talent from Tim and I, but we are so thankful that he loves to sing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Latest projects

So, I have been creative this summer, esp with Luke but haven't been able to upload pictures until yesterday.  Luke and I have been obsessed with butterflies this summer, so we have made a lot of those out of things around the house. I don't have a finished product quite yet of the canvas we are doing together, but here is an idea of what we are using...
So, Luke painted and painted on card stock, mixing colors and painting his body too!

Then we let it dry.  Next Luke sat in my lap and we used a butterfly punch to punch out hundreds of little butterflies.
Not a great picture, but they are little ones.  Next we started gluing them on a canvas!  More to come when we end the project!!!!

Project 2.....for Graham and Erin's wedding and reception sign......

Bowties.  Thanks to Jessica Kent for finding the tutorial on Pleated Poppy.  The green paisley one Luke wore in the wedding!

Headbands.  LOVE making these.  More to come, but this was a recent 3 year old present!

star rice krispie treats
(made almost all by Luke)

Attempted sewing for Luke...

(I am not sure how to turn these still....)

Indoor smores....

really yummy, i must say.  we had to eat them outside and strip Luke down, but it was worth it.
Lots more creating yet to happen!  I am working at GPS camp this week and next and am in charge of the art.  It is SO much fun!  I am used to having a lot of rowdy boys around, so to have just girls is unknown to me!  They love glitter and sparkly things!  I will post what we make soon.  Glad to have that opportunity too!

Not happy it is already July.  Summer flies by way too fast, but making the most of our days left.  Luke has started school going half days at Northside and seems to really like it.  They have done a lot of really neat art projects and experiments in the last week and I know that he enjoys that.

I am out of books to read too.  I have been involved in so many character's lives this summer that I hate to see it end!  Total books read so far is 11.  Got to make it to 20.  I will be very proud!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer pics..

Not in any particular order......just wanted to post fun shots of the summer.  Camera still won't upload my 800 pics....working on fixing that!  IN the meantime...

=)  More to come.  Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to my favorite Mississippian!

Yesterday was Jessica's birthday.  (My computer is having real issues with the internet right, tribute to Jess today instead!)

So, jump up and down and celebrate!

We LOVE you and MISS you!  Thank you for helping bring back out my creativity this year!  I have so many fun projects to show you (once my camera starts uploading the 800 pics!) that were inspired by you!

Luke and I made indoor smores and chocolate pumpkin muffins this weekend......made kid headbands and button ties,  and have poked myself with the sewing needle so many times that my fingers are bruised!

I can't wait to come see you in Chicago!  Saving my pennies!

=)  Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


" Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all!"

Emily Dickinson

This is the quote on my wall in my living room. I painted that the day that I had Luke and we hung it on the wall before I went to the hospital at 5 on March 16.

Sing hope today!